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They believe that by breaking down physical class divisions, children can be taught to live with intellectual curiosity, self-confidence and communally responsible behavior.

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How come Sweden gets to do cool stuff and all we get is shitty cubicle areas with no fucking windows it’s like a damn prison in my school I only had one class with windows and the windows were facing another fucking wall so I couldn’t see outside I don’t even know if it is raining half the time and I love rain and I hate school 

Wow America really needs to catch the fuck up.

It’s because our schools were paid and bought off years ago

It’s not a coincidence most of our schools look like prisons

Or actually any official looking building

Even the new border crossing station in San Ysidro looks like a prison

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film idea:
white girl with long brown hair is living in a dystopian society. she is different, though. she can punch things. she punches things and changes the world.

needs more mahogany

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Hey if you’re getting some money in the mail but refuse to open the envelope because theres a picture of Harvey Milk on the stamp then I’ll gladly open it for you.